Conference Economy and Technology 4.0


On 11 April 2018, the CACIO together with CIIRC organized a conference on impacts of Industry  4.0, titled Economy and Technology 4.0.

Prof. Vladimír Mařík welcomed lecturers from the USA, Germany, Switzerland, Slovakia, but also from the Czech Republic. The economic impact, especially the question of why the evaluation of the value of technology firms is eight to fifteen times higher than the valuation of engineering firms, was answered by Mr. William Ribaudo due to his company valuation model. The social impacts were discussed by prof. Petr Staněk and by Lubomír Lízal. Other important topics were the effects on energy and tax collection. The practical use of robots and the local acceptance of robots by employees and the entire region were the topic of Dr. Ivan Slimák.

Representatives of CACIO, CIIRC and CFO Club agreed that the second year of the conference would be held for next year as well.

Foto: Jitka Brouzdová

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