Kathlén Kohn – „Point-Line Minimal Problems for 3 Cameras with Partial Visibility“


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Date(s) - 05.12.
11:00 - 12:30

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We present a complete classification of all minimal problems for generic arrangements of points and lines observed by three calibrated perspective cameras. Our classification includes all possible settings where some of the cameras only see some of the available  points and lines. Using basic tools from algebraic geometry, we first find 143494 candidates for minimal point-line problems. Afterwards we determine algorithmically which of these candidates are in fact minimal. We find that only 5707 of our candidates are  non-minimal. Hence, we conclude that there are 137787 point-line minimal problem for three calibrated cameras. For each minimal problem we aim to compute the generic number of solutions as it captures the difficulty of the problem at hand. This is joint work  with Timothy Duff, Anton Leykin, and Tomas Pajdla.


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