Promotion of CIIRC Academic Staff

Employees of CIIRC are divided by type of their work into academic staff, non-academic staff, and technical-administrative or economic staff.

The academic staff (Act No. 111/1998 Coll., on Higher Education Institutions, Section 70, Subsection 1) is made up of the professors, associate professors, assistant professors, visiting professors, lecturers and scientific research and development staff who are the employees of the university carrying both teaching and creative activities.

Instituted in the Statutes of CIIRC, the Career Rules for CIIRC Academic Staff define qualification grades of the CIIRC academic staff and the conditions and processes of achieving them. The qualification grades are one of the means of achieving excellence. CIIRC’s academic staff qualification grades affect their duties, remuneration and the rights of participation in the management of CIIRC.

The following qualification grades are instituted for CIIRC academic staff:

    • Research Assistant is a Ph.D. student who is also an employee of CIIRC.
    • Postdoctoral Researcher is a holder of a Ph.D. degree from another university and has the ability to publish and present results.
    • Junior Researcher holds a Ph.D. degree with the minimum of one year’s research experience at a recognized foreign institution, who has developed a level of independence.
    • Senior Researcher is a Junior Researcher who is additionally an author of significant research results, and has ability to supervise Ph.D. students.
    • Principal Researcher is a Senior Researcher who is additionally a leading scientist in their field of research.

Furthermore, a member of CIIRC academic staff can be appointed as one of the following

  • Distinguished Researcher is a Principal Researcher, who is additionally a world recognized expert, an author of seminal research results and a founder of a scientific school of thought.
  • Emeritus Researcher is an honours position that can be awarded to a CIIRC Distinguished Researcher after retirement.

The qualification grades are determined by the CIIRC Director, Distinguished Researchers are appointed by the CIIRC Assembly, and Emeritus Researchers are appointed by the CIIRC Scienctific Council, in each case upon the recommendation of the CIIRC Promotion Committee.

New employees, or CIIRC non-academic staff, are appointed CIIRC academic staff only on the basis of an open selection process, which specifies the required qualification grade and includes evaluation.

The university academic staff moving to CIIRC remain university academic staff. If they want to become CIIRC academic staff, they must obtain an appropriate qualification grade via the promotion procedure.

It is only possible to progress from the grades of Research Assistant and Postdoctoral Researcher via the selection process. Only promotion itself is needed when promoting from the grades Junior Researcher, Senior Researcher, and Principal Researcher and when applying for the status of Distinguished Researcher and Emeritus Researcher.

Promotion procedures and rules are regulated by the directive CIIRC Promotion and Evaluation Procedures. The application for promotion is made on the CIIRC Academic Staff Promotion Form, which includes instructions for completing the form. Completed and signed form with annexes is submitted by the applicant in electronic form to