Vertimove - joint project of VZLU, CIIRC CCF, CDV and 1to1 Design


New technologies in transport are being developed in the Czech Republic, such as air transport using unmanned drones and autonomous minibuses. Experts from CIIRC CCF (Centre of the City of the Future), VZLÚ (Czech Aerospace Research Centre), CDV (Transport Research Centre)  and 1to1 Design participate in this project.

The Vertimove project presents the concept of unmanned drones for urban air transport, which could shorten the journey from Prague’s Hlavní nádraží to Václav Havel Airport to just 4 minutes. It would take 26 minutes from Prague to Karlovy Vary, and 20 minutes from Pardubice to Liberec. „We were looking for a place in the center of Prague and we were mainly looking for a connection between the center of Prague and the airport,“ says Michal Postránecký, director of CCF CIIRC CTU. The Vertimove project also includes the solution of legislation, a questionnaire campaign, an analysis of future demand, an operational model of aircraft check-in at the vertiport, the location of ports in Prague, and a methodology dealing with traffic models, spatial planning and construction management.

Urban transport using autonomous flying vehicles is the direction the world may be headed. The Czech Republic is not far behind.

„This project is co-financed with the state support of the Technology Agency of the Czech Republic and the Ministry of Transport within the Transport 2020+ Program, project CK03000139“

CCF is organizing a meeting of CCF partners, friends and guests for the Vertimo project, which will take place on Tuesday 28 November 2023 from 2.30 pm in the CCF showroom, CIIRC – ground floor building B. The main point of the Meeting will be the presentation of the results of the Vertimove project, especially the presentation of the Vertihub Praha Hlavák vertiport.

The presentation will begin at 3 p.m., followed by a discussion.

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See what was said about the Vertimove project on ČT24 in the program Věda24. Reportage about Vertimove starts at 25:44.

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ONLINE: – November 23th 2023

iDnes – November 23th 2023 – November 11th 2023 – November 7th 2023 – November 7th 2023 – November 7th 2023

Pražský deník – November 7th 2023

Forbes – November 6th 2023

České Noviny – November 6th 2023 – November 6th 2023

Česká televize – Události ČT, in time 51:36 – November 6th – October 30th 2023


  1. Pražský deník – November 8th 2023

2. Právo – November 6th 2023

3. Metro Praha – November 7th 2023

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