Radek Škoda in Studio ČT24 live


Listen to Radek Škoda, head of Energetics 4.0 at CIIRC CTU, who spoke in the ČT24 Studio LIVE about the completion of the Dukovany nuclear power plant. His live entry starts at 2:56.

Radek Škoda answered the following questions:

Why does the Czech Republic need more blocks of nuclear power plants now?

Do you think the first nuclear block within thirteen years is a realistic deadline?

How does the Czech Republic generally react to the need for new nuclear blocks?

Is this something that should have been discussed earlier?

How long should the entire power plant last?

If the power plant in Dukovany gets two new units and the power plant in Temelín gets two more, how much of the Czech consumption could both power plants cover?

Both nuclear power plants will stop receiving nuclear fuel from Russia from next year, how do the individual types of fuel differ from each other?

Can this fuel be replaced by something in the long term?

How long do you think nuclear energy has a future?

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