Project name: AI for wEaviNG kpIs moNitoring and prEdiction to EIT Manufacturing!
Acronym: AI4ENGINE
Project website:
ID code: 23273
Call: EIT Manufacturing 1st Call for Proposals 2023
Supported by: European Union – EIT Manufacturing
Project duration: 01/2023-12/2023
Principal investigator at CIIRC: doc. Ing. Petr Kadera, Ph.D.
Coordinator: Itemalab Srl
Project partners: CTU
Consorzio Intellimech
Budget: Total budget: €575,000
EU support: €398,125
Support for CIIRC CTU: €100,000

The installation context of the weaving machines (looms), the weaving room, and the level of interconnection between looms and management systems vary considerably among companies. The most structured rooms have data collection systems that provide a real-time view of the progress of batch production and a measure of production efficiency, both for individual looms and the whole room. However, even in the most advanced systems, some limitations are still evident: no data on looms conditions are collected, no remote assistance or support for predictive maintenance and performance optimization are provided, and data are often inhomogeneous and hardly integrable. The proposed system will be able to display in real-time the status of machines through a configurable synoptic view, enabling the monitoring of KPIs. Moreover, the system will provide support services such as maintenance scheduling, efficiency optimization, and integration with the digital model of the plant.