Cluster 4.0

Project name: Cluster 4.0 – Methodology of System Integration
ID code: EF16_026/0008432
Supported by: Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports
Programme: Operational Programme Research, Development and Education
Call No. 02_16_026 Long-term Intersectoral Cooperation in Priority Axis 1 OP
Project duration: 07/2018 – 09/2022 (51 months)
Budget: Total budget: 98 700 000 CZK
Main investigator: Dr. Pavel Burget
Project Partners: Academic Partner:
DFKI – Deutsches Forschungszentrum für Künstliche Intelligenz GmbH
Industrial Partners:
Strategic Supporters:
Národní centrum Průmyslu 4.0
Škoda Auto
Coordinator: CIIRC CVUT – Czech Technical University in Prague – Czch Institute of Informatics, Robotics and Cybernetics
Results: *Leveraging Iterative Plan Refinement for Reactive Smart Manufacturing Systems
*Power of pre-processing: production scheduling with variable energy pricing and power-saving states
*A polynomial-time scheduling approach to minimise idle energy consumption: An application to an industrial furnace
*Flexible Production Systems: Automated Generation of Operations Plans Based on ISA-95 and PDDL
*Grouping tasks to save energy in a cyclic scheduling problem: A complexity study
*Some Remarks on Schauder Bases in Lipschitz Free Spaces
Datasets: Dataset to evaluate time series classification using the algorithm of continuity preference in hidden Gauss Markov models: (download)


This project develops international intersectoral cooperation among innovative companies, academic institutions, and global industrial stakeholders. The consortium is composed of research institutions, CIIRC CTU and DFKI (SRN), and the Czech companies SIDAT and CertiCon, with the support of the transnational corporations Airbus, Škoda Auto and Siemens, with a connection to the National Centre for Industry 4.0.

The research topic is one of the most challenging topics in Industry 4.0, namely the system integration and the creation of a unified and flexible software architecture for adaptable manufacturing systems.

This project has received funding from the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports, program Operational Programme Research, Development and Education under agreement No. EF16_026/0008432.