Researcher´s Night 2022 - "WITH ALL THE SENSES"


Enthusiasts and supporters of science, research and technical progress already know that every year the last Friday of September there is the Researcher´s Night, when the doors of scientific and research institutes in Europe open to the public to take a look under the lid of the mysterious pot full of revolutionary ideas. This year, the mysterious night falls to to Friday, September 30.

Here, at the Czech Institute of Informatics, Robotics and Cybernetics, on the Researcher´s Night you can explore all the areas where robots will soon be used. You will walk through the city of the future in virtual reality, enjoy a drink prepared by a robotic bartender or just chat with the smart but inanimate chatbot Alquist. You will touch interesting shapes and materials used in 3D printing, we will advise you how not to be cheated on the Internet, and your knowledge will be tested by a game that will make you a master in cyber security.

See what you’ll be able to experience with ALL YOUR SENSES during the Researcher´s Night at CIIRC on Friday, 30 September:

When: from 5pm to 11pm

Where: CIIRC ČVUT, Jugoslávských partyzánů 1580/3, Entrance B


Testbed for Industry 4.0

In our testbed, we develop innovative solutions for automated and digitized production:
– you will see the core of our testbed, an experimental robotic line with a conveyor, on which we test the possibilities of flexible distributed production

– we will show you the ABB flexible line and you will be able to assemble a car in virtual reality
– robotic 3D printing is a matter of course, with us you will be able to observe its use in the production of complex structural parts, the quality of which we control by measuring with great precision
– the Pick&Place robot will show you that sorting is a piece of cake for it
– you will assess how the Montrac Cybertech robot performs when working with component collection
– the Delta robot with a conveyor and manual guidance will show you how it performs tasks with high precision and speed
– you view the testbed in virtual reality and then you can compare the differences with reality

Robots are not used in production only, they can also do other things:
– you will be served by one of two automatic coffee machines, just enter your wish using a tablet or smartphone and everything else will be done by itself

– you can have a beer brewed or a drink mixed by a robot bartender
– you can play checkers with a robot

HERE you will learn more about the Testbed for Industry 4.0

The Centre of City of the Future
– you will walk through Miltown – the city of the future in virtual reality – not only for Minecraft fans

– you will be able to see the scene for the theater performance Nejlokomotivovatější lokomotiva I, II, III and talk to the creators and actors of ProDivadlo Theatre

– in the virtual map of Prague presented via the holographic table you can find your place of residence, school or your most popular monument, or find out what the air traffic is like over the Czech Republic

HERE you will learn more about the Centre of City of the Future


Biomedicine and cognitive systems
– the humanoid robot Nao will entertain you with his dancing and playing the xylophone, if you just started to study English, Nao will test the perfection of your spelling skills

– if you are only twenty, but want to know how you will perceive the world around you and move when you are much older, come and try the „aging suit“

– you will play the game and find out how you are doing with cyber security: you win over cookies or cookies over you?

HERE you can learn more about biomedicine at CIIRC

Virtual reality
– on the VR training simulator, you can practice communication with advanced 3D avatars that will look like you
– you will try out crisis communication, intended for teaching hotel staff and hotel school students

Conversational artificial inteligence
– we introduce you to a voice-controlled application for enterprises that makes it easier for less experienced employees to carry out workflows and takes them step by step by the whole process

– you can chat with Alquist, the bot that won the first prize in Amazon’s prestigious international competition last year

… and much more you will see at the Researcher´s Night at CIIRC

(note: the program will be updated continuously)

Nationwide program HERE.

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