CTU Rector removed CIIRC director Prof. V. Mařík from his office

The rector – CIIRC trouble was resolved on October 31, 2018 after five months of efforts, negotiations and help from the Czech Government. The new statutes and organizational order reflecting the compromise was submited to the Academic Senate by the CTU rector. The Academic Senate approved both documents. It gives CIIRC more independence, the position of the scientific director was established. Dr. Ondřej Velek was appointed as the CIIRC director. Prof. Vladimír Mařík was appointed as the scientific director.

CTU Rector Assoc. Prof. Vojtěch Petráček removed Prof. V. Mařík from his CIIRC director post. This unexpected more induced strong protests in CIIRC, CTU and outside of the university. We cover related events by an itemized list. Some of the items lead to documents or to more detailed web pages. Most of documents are in Czech language only, unfortunately. Please accept our apology that we are not able to translate all the documents to English in this hectic period.