Bricklaying robot as an innovator in the field of construction.

Zdroj: Wienerberger s.r.o.

Wienerberger A.G. presented the results of a joint project of the TAČR – „Bricklaying Robot“, which is a revolution in the construction industry. Scientists from the CIIRC CTU from the Intelligent and Mobile Robotics Laboratory (IMR,, headed by Libor Přeučil, also participated in the research and development of the solution, especially the part that represents its (artificial) intelligence. This bricklaying robot is a tireless helper and innovator in the construction industry. The key qualities of this robot include its speed, precision, and above all its ability to work continuously in 24/7 mode. The masonry robot is a truly revolutionary innovation in construction, contributing to the digitalisation and future of the construction industry. This innovative approach to construction is seen as the answer to the shortage of skilled workers in the industry and a step towards a future of construction with increased automation and robotics.

Further information about the robot can be found in the English version.

Photos source: Wienerberger s.r.o.

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