Documentary ČT - "Mozek v plechovce"


Check out the interesting documentary by Česká Televize called „Mozek v plechovce“, which was filmed in our CIIRC and Testbed building at the end of last year and is currently being broadcastand. The whole ducumentary is hosted by Miloš Čermák.

Tomáš Mikolov, Josef Šivic, Vladimír Mařík and Jan Faigl (FEL), Michal Pěchouček (FEL) and Radko Sáblík from Smíchov Industrial High School in Prague had a lot to say on the topic.

Czech Television wrote about this episode of „Mozek v plechovce“: Artificial intelligence has been talked about since the 1950s, and robotics since around that time. The word robot was coined by Josef Čapek and made famous by his brother Karel. The central motif is the author couple asking Chatbot how to make this documentary. Chatbot suggests personalities who have something to say. He suggests questions. He suggests the structure. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesnt work. With the help of the chatbot, the authors set out to make a documentary about the impact of AI on our lives. What fields will an all-knowing brain in a can change? Will it even make up documentaries for us? And will it work? The documentary combines interviews with personalities plus animations of the director’s chat with a chatbot. From the first question – „Please advise me on the concept of a 26-minute documentary about you, about artificial intelligence?“ – we get to the deeper themes. And the conversation gradually moves to the question, „Can you switch off?“

You can watch the documentary here:

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