CIIRC CTU hosts European Conference on Mobile Robotics ECMR in September


European Conference on Mobile Robotics (ECMR) is an internationally open biennial European forum allowing top researchers working in basic and applied research to learn about and discuss the latest achievements and innovations in mobile robotics and mobile human-robot systems.

After Barcelona (Spain), Lincoln (UK) and Paris (France) this year will be hosted by Prague, the Czech Institute of Informatics, Robotics and Cybernetics, in particular by Intelligent and Mobile Robotics laboratory on Sept 4 – 6, 2019.

The conference topics address mobile robots and AI methods for their control, intelligent control and decision-making  for robotics, advanced navigation and planning methods, multi-robot systems, as well as  intelligent robot technologies for  critical use, collaborative and human-friendly robotics, not excluding advanced robots and control for industrial production, in particular within Industry 4.0 activities and other applications.

Moreover, the event offers unique invited talks given by Prof. Dr. Robert Babuska, TU Delft, NL, Prof. Dr. Josef Sivic, INRIA Paris FR a Prof. Dr. Melanie Zeilinger, ETH Zurych, CH (see all speakers).

The registration for the conference is still open for both researchers and participants from industry. Taking part in ECMR 2019 stands as a supreme opportunity to be inspired, to get in touch and discuss with top researcher working in the advanced robotics field, as well as may offer non-standard and innovative solution to complex problems.

Further details concerning ECMR 2019 and registration can be found at: