The CIIRC Executive Academy to educate managers in decision-making positions on the onset of new technologies


The Czech Institute of Informatics, Robotics and Cybernetics of the Czech Technical University, in cooperation with the investment group Thein, launches the CIIRC Executive Academy from September. In addition to areas such as business, strategy or leadership, the unique educational program for the professional development of top managers will focus on topics that are currently key for quality managerial decisions: these include artificial intelligence, digital strategy or Industry 4.0.

The CIIRC Executive Academy English program, designed especially for executives and senior managers from various industries, will run from 20 September 2023 to 29 February 2024 and is still accepting new participants. Tomáš Budník, the founder of the investment group Thein, is  also among the presenters and guarantors of the program, who will personally train participants in the area of Top Management.

„We place great emphasis on the quality of lecturers, we want them to be the best on the market. In addition to Tomáš Budník, participants will thus be able to learn from Karel Dřevínek (Corporate Governance, Skils s.r.o.), Martin Novák (Corporate Finance, ČEZ a.s.) or Adam Sliwka (Strategy, KPMG)”, says the academic guarantor of the program, prof. Zuzana Dvořáková from the Czech Institute of Informatics, Robotics and Cybernetics (CIIRC) CTU.

Similarly to MBA programs, the Academy focuses on skills such as Leadership, lectured by David Pirner (Grant Thornton ČR s.r.o.) or Business and Marketing, lectured by Hana Kovářová (KB, a.s.) and Michael Pupala (Modrá pyramida, a.s.).

„By establishing the CIIRC Executive Academy, we respond to the needs of the market by combining the already proven educational modules for top managers with areas that play an increasingly important role in decision-making and the strategic direction of companies and in which we at CIIRC are experts. Understanding how to use artificial intelligence, new business models or 5G networks is a competitive advantage for current managers and is becoming an absolute necessity,“ says Prof. Vladimír Mařík, scientific director of CIIRC CTU.

The topic of Artificial Intelligence and its applications will be introduced directly by prof. Vladimír Mařík, who is not only the scientific director of CIIRC CTU, but also the author of a number of publications on the topic and one of the founding fathers of Industry 4.0 in the Czech Republic. Next to him will be Jan Šedivý, an expert in artificial intelligence and large language models, with the topic of machine learning, or Pavel Burget, director of Testbed for Industry 4.0, who will, as expected, lecture in the field of Industry 4.0.

„The current business world places ever higher demands on the skills and knowledge of professionals, and not only those in leadership positions. The CIIRC Executive Academy program combines theory with practical experience, which brings participants not only theoretical knowledge, but also concrete tools for successful and innovative company management in a rapidly changing business environment. I am very happy that I can be a part of it and pass on my know-how,“ comments Tomáš Budník.

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