Children's University students tried biomedicine at CIIRC


On July 10, we welcomed young potential scientists to the laboratories of the Czech Institute of Informatics, Robotics and Cybernetics of the Czech Technical University. They were the fifth and eighth grade elementary school students who are participating in the so-called Children’s University of the Czech Technical University this year.


The children tried out the whole range of devices and equipment that we have available in the laboratory of the Department of Cognitive Systems and Neurosciences as well as Biomedicine and Assistive Technologies. In the smart apartment, they could exercise with the help of virtual reality and also find out how the correctness of the exercises can be determined using video analysis.

Furthermore, with our assistance, they tried on „aging suit“ so that they could imagine how difficult it is, for example, to write something or operate a mobile phone with a shaking hand, how difficult it is to move, even to sit down or get up from a chair, when the joints no longer function well and the muscles weaken.

The robot Nao is also always popular with the children, with whom the pupils sang and talked. And finally, most of the kids were curious about their body composition – what their muscle, fat, or water ratio was.


We thank our wonderful colleagues, Lenka Vysloužilová and Lenka Lhotská, for their time and practical examples of what they „cook intheir scientific kitchen“.


More info and photographs you can also find on the web of the Children’s University of the CTU.


Photos: CTU Children’s University

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