Open House Day in National Centre for Industry 4.0 focused on the safety of industrial data and brought news from the world of technology


4th Open House Day in National Centre for Industry 4.0 and Testbed for Industry 4.0 in CIIRC CTU took place on Wednesday, June 5th and focused on cybersecurity and safe sharing of industrial data. The event was opened by Vladimír Mařík, CIIRC‘s scientific director, and Silvana Jirotková, Deputy Minister of Trade and Industry appointed to lead the CzechInvest Agency.

One of the highlights of the event was a presentation by Sebastian Steinbuss who officially introduced the International Data Spaces association in the Czech Republic and helped launch its Czech hub which recently opened at CIIRC CTU. The association based in Germany offers a solution for secure data sharing providing a platform to safely exchange data among companies regardless of their size and focus while keeping security and sovereignty of data a top priority. Data-driven business models, flexible distributed production and logistics all need secure data sharing solutions which do not rely on a cloud, just like the one provided by IDS.

The audience was also captivated by a presentation given by Jan Plucar and Filip Řezáč from the Cybersecurity Group with VŠB-TU Ostrava who using concrete examples from business as well as personal experience pointed at weak spots in our data security. On a more positive note, Lukáš Kousal from Škoda Auto introduced a predictive maintenance project being carried out in the auto plant which won the IT Project of the Year 2018 thanks to its innovative approach. Jiří Bavor from Siemens focused on IoT risks and pointed at the common gap between IT and OT levels of cybersecurity.

Pavel Burget, director of Testbed for Industry 4.0, showed the presence and future of the experimental Factory of the Future which is represented by Testbed and briefly introduced plans of the RICAIP project which is carried out in cooperation with CIIRC CTU and the Testbed facility.

The Open House Day was also an opportunity for the Centre’s partners to show their latest technologies and applications for Industry 4.0. Visitors had a chance to explore smart industry solutions brought by Siemens, Škoda Auto, VŠB-TUO, HK ČR, ABRA, DEL, KUKA, SICK, LAPP, LENZE, MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC EUROPE, Pocket Virtuality, Merica, Factorio Solutions and OptiSolutions while visiting their stands and having a one on one conversation with their representatives.

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