Best Student Paper Award at ICORES 2020 Conference


The ICORES 2020 conference was held in Malta on 21-24 February 2020, bringing together scientists and practitioners in the field of operational research. Industrial Informatics Department presented two papers there:

Data-driven Algorithm for Scheduling with Total Tardiness, which describes the application of machine learning for solving combinatorial problems (presented by Michal Bouška);

On Idle Energy Consumption Minimization in Production: Industrial Example and Mathematical Model, which deals with energy-efficient scheduling and approaches to modelling machine energy states (presented by Ondřej Benedikt).

Both works were positively reviewed and nominated for Best Student Paper Award. The nomination of the latter team Ondřej Benedikt, Přemysl Šůcha and Zdeněk Hanzálek also succeeded in receiving the Best Student Paper Award at the conference.

The purpose of the International Conference on Operations Research and Enterprise Systems (ICORES) is to bring together researchers, engineers, faculty, and practitioners interested in both theoretical advances and practical applications in the field of operations research. Two simultaneous tracks will be held, covering on one side domain independent methodologies and technologies and on the other side practical work developed in specific application areas. ICORES focuses on real world challenges; therefore authors should highlight the benefits of Operations Research Methodologies and Technologies for industry and services, either in general or for particular applications. Ideas on how to solve specific business problems as well as larger enterprise challenges, using operations research methodologies and technologies, will arise from the conference. Papers describing advanced prototypes, systems, case studies, tools and techniques and general survey papers indicating future directions are also encouraged. Papers describing original work are invited in any of the areas listed below.