Project name: ROS-based Education of Advanced Motion Planning and Control
ID code: 22235
Supported by: EIT Manufacturing – European Union
Project duration: 01/2022 – 12/2022
Budget: Total budget: 249.693 EUR
Budget CTU: 71.811 EUR
Principal investigator at CIIRC: Dr. Libor Přeučil
Coordinator: University of Tartu
Project Partners: CTU in Prague




This project reduces technological barriers to the use of robots or fleets in industrial environments.

This project will train a large pool of university students and professionals in advanced concepts of autonomous robotics, especially in the use of existing open-source libraries on mobile platforms. Advanced yet didactic training materials enable professionals to understand the inner workings of robotic systems implemented in ROS and other open-source frameworks. The courses are designed for professionals of all groups and skill levels. Building on the basic courses on ROS and robotic systems, the audience learns at a pace that suits their needs. Regular assessments of skill levels allow for the shortest possible training to achieve maximum impact.