VI. COGSYS: Cognitive systems and neurosciences

Head of the department
Name: Lenka Lhotská
Phone: +(420) 224 353 933
Email: lenka.lhotska(at)

List of COGSYS department people

Human brain is a miracle of evolution. It is the most complex object in the known space. Ever before the mankind wanted to understand how the brain works, how it is possible that we think, perceive, react to stimuli. At the same time we want to understand the causes of brain disorders, degenerative changes, or how to replace (at least partially) some functions.

The COGSYS department research program is focused on the integration of knowledge from several scientific disciplines (neuroscience, artificial intelligence, psychology, computer science) into interdisciplinary research concerning human brain functions. Unique composition of groups, bringing together representatives of all mentioned disciplines, supports interdisciplinary dialog leading to development of more precise research methods applicable in the area of cognitive and computational neurosciences. The program can be viewed in causal way. It covers neuroscience research serving for acquisition of knowledge about individual brain functions. The results are directly usable at design of biologically inspired cognitive architectures tested in robotic appliances. Last but not least the results will be applicable to the development of man-machine interfaces.

COGSYS department divides into four groups:

  1. CON: Cognitive neuroscience (lead by Lenka Lhotská);
  2. COM: Cognitive modeling (lead by Michal Vavrečka);
  3. HMA: Analysis of human motion (lead by Václav Křemen);
  4. NAP: Neuroinformatics of normal and pathological hearing function (lead by Daniel Šuta);
  5. CSP: Computational Intelligence and Signal Processing (lead by Aleš Procházka).

Responsible: Lenka Lhotská