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III. IID: Industrial informatics

The Industrial Informatics Group tackles various aspects of efficient utilization of computer, communication, production and human resources. On the one hand, we have a solid background in the field of distributed real-time systems, with a focus on the automotive, railway, and aerospace domains. Our work in this area includes aspects of networking, safety, security and real-time operating systems. On the other hand, we have experiences with the solution of complex optimization problems applied, for example, to the scheduling of manufacturing and services as well as to the scheduling in time-triggered communication protocols. Development of fast optimization algorithms providing flexibility while guaranteeing dependability and performance is a major research challenge, impacting several fields in our society, such as automotive, avionics, production, and many others.

Head of the department

Name: Zdeněk Hanzálek
Phone: +(420) 224 354 241
Email: zdenek.hanzalek(at)cvut.cz

Department IID divides into groups: