The General Assembly of the SafeLog project was held in CIIRC


The fourth General Assembly of the SafeLog project (safe human-robot interaction in logistic applications for highly flexible warehouses) was held on 25 and 26 January in the CIIRC building. The event was organized by the IMR Group, lead by Dr. Libor Přeučil. The first day was reserved for internal workshop and discussions. On the second day, the project’s status was presented to the external Advisory Board from whom the project team received a positive feedback. This General Assembly marked a successful project’s halftime.

The SafeLog project proposes to develop a completely new integrated safety concept, which will fundamentally change the usage of mobile robots in an environment where humans and robots work closely together.

The collaboration occurs on three levels:

  • through a safety vest worn by the human operator inside the warehouse to localize her/him
  • through a fleet manager that optimize trajectories for a large number of robots while avoiding zones around human operators
  • through an augmented-reality device guiding the human operator during her/his displacements inside the warehouse and during operations of picking or maintenance

The General Assembly of the SafeLog project