State representatives of Latvia visited the premises of RICAIP Testbed Prague at CIIRC CTU on the occasion of an official meeting with CTU Rector Vojtěch Petráček and CIIRC CTU Ondřej Velek.

Foto: ČVUT

CTU Rector Vojtěch Petráček and Director of the Czech Institute of Informatics, Robotics and Cybernetics of CTU Ondřej Velek welcomed the Latvian delegation – Parliamentary Secretary of the Ministry of Economy of Latvia, Mr. Jurgis Miezainis, and the leading expert of the Ministry of Economy, Mrs. Angelina Bekasová, who were accompanied by the Deputy Ambassador to the Czech Republic, Mr. Janis Vaivars. After negotiations with CTU rector Vojtěch Petráček, the delegation headed to the premises of RICAIP Tesbed at CIIRC.

Pavel Burget accompanied the entire RICAIP Testbed Prague space, who introduced the RICAIP center to the Latvian delegation and emphasized the international scope of the built ecosystem to support innovation and transformation of companies for the 21st century, including cooperation with NCP. The visitors were shown the technologies of flexible modular production, 5G, object detection using a camera and subsequent navigation of the robot to grasp objects. Part of the guided tour was the presentation of the five-step innovation cycle and the Test Before Invest concept as support for the introduction of innovations in companies, also with the support of the EDIH, AI Matters, AIRISE and other projects.

The Latvian delegation was most interested in the battery disassembly project, either on the demonstration line with two robots, which was presented at MSV 2023, or on real batteries for electric cars, including the concept of virtual commissioning of the entire robotic line with the involvement of a production control system. Another part of the guided tour was the robotic bar project and the ongoing research into new algorithms based on AI, thanks to which the robotic bar will be deployed for testing in a real environment.

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Foto: ČVUT

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