Zdeněk Hanzálek from CIIRC CTU recognized for outstanding teaching activities


Scientists from the CIIRC CTU participate in the education of the future generation through their teaching activities at various faculties of Czech Technical University in Prague, especially at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering. We welcome and support this successful collaboration and congratulate Zdenek Hanzálek, Head of the Department of Industrial Informatics at CIIRC, who was recognized by the Dean of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering Prof. Petr Páta in the category of „lecturer“.

The Dean of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering of CTU, Prof. Petr Páta, traditionally recognized teachers for outstanding pedagogical achievements based on the recommendations of a committee he established. The commission was based on the results of a survey with an emphasis on verbal evaluation of students and on the suggestions of the heads of departments. It also took into account factors such as the quality of course materials and the difficulty of the teacher. Teachers who have not been awarded in the same category in the past three years were eligible for evaluation.

You can view all awardees at https://fel.cvut.cz/en/what-s-on/news/31430-dean-recognized-outstanding-pedagogical-achievements.

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