CACORR 2024 - scientists present the best of their research


The annual meeting of scientific departments and teams was held again this year with the aim of strengthening mutual synergies and collaboration, and presenting the best results of the scientific work at the CIIRC over the previous year. CACORR – CIIRC Annual Colloquium on Research Results was held right in the CIIRC building on Thursday 18 January 2024.

The event was opened by its organizer, Prof. Zdeněk Hanzálek, Head of the Industrial Informatics Department. He then handed over the floor to the Scientific Director, Prof. Vladmir Mařík, who briefly presented the strategy for the coming year and evaluated the previous year. The CIIRC is currently facing a number of challenges, to which we need to adapt and focus on submitting high quality and successful projects. Prof. Mařík emphasized the high performance of some teams in our institution, which are able to apply for new large projects. This ability to seek and win new projects is a key element that can help overcome the current situation in research funding.

Next, Vladimír Mařík focused on the values that should still be the priority of our institution. He stressed that excellence, especially on a European scale, should remain the main goal. He also emphasized the application and applicability of the results of our projects. Cooperation was identified as the third key element and Prof. Mařík stressed the need to promote integration between different entities at the level of the Czech Republic.

In response to the current situation, Prof. Mařík suggested that it is necessary to evaluate the quality of work and identify the mistakes of our institution and others.


In his opening speech, Vladimír Mařík called for increased cooperation at both national and European level. He supported the idea of greater involvement in EU projects and the search for grants that bring synergies. At the same time, he stressed the need to look for cooperation not only abroad, but also within the Czech research environment and internally – among the teams at the CIIRC.

At the end of the conference, Vladimír Mařík reminded the great importance of this meeting, which is to document the best results of the teams at the CIIRC. He considers this workshop as a key step to improve cooperation between teams and better understanding between colleagues. This workshop should serve as a starting point to achieve better results in 2024.



  1. Cognitive systems and neurosciences (COGSYS, Lenka Vysloužilová)
  • Lenka Vysloužilová: Overview of department results
  • Adolf, J.; Segal, Y.S.; Turna, M.T.; Nováková, T.N.; Doležal, J.; Kutílek, P.; Hejda, J.; Hadar, O.H. et al. – Evaluation of functional tests performance using a camera-based and machine learning approach – PLoS ONE. 2023
  • Suchomelová, V.; Tetourová, R.; Lhotská, L.; Husák, J.; Kotek, M.; Stejskal, J. – Approved Methodology – Virtual reality and its use in care homes and beyond
  • Křemen – JUAN, E., et al. Distinct signatures of loss of consciousness in focal impaired awareness versus tonic-clonic seizures. Brain. 2023, 146(1), 109-123. ISSN 0006-8950. DOI 10.1093/brain/awac291 IF ~ 19, D1
  • Bureš, Z.; Pysanenko, K.; Syka, J. – Differences in auditory temporal processing in the left and right auditory cortices of the rat – Hearing Research. 2023

2. Biomedical Engineering and Assistive Technology (Beat, Olga Štěpánková)

  • Olga Štěpánková: Overview of department results
  • Němý, M.; Dyrba, M.; Brosseron, F.; Buerger, K.; Dechent, P.; Dobisch, L.; Ewers, M.; Fliessbach, K. et al. – Cholinergic white matter pathways along the Alzheimer’s disease continuum – Brain. 2023
  • Belohlavek, J.; Yannopoulos, D.; Smalcova, J.; Rob, D.; Bartos, J.; Huptych, M.; Kavalkova, P.; Kalra, R. et al. Intraarrest transport, extracorporeal cardiopulmonary resuscitation, and early invasive management in refractory out-of-hospital cardiac arrest: an individual patient data pooled analysis of two randomised trials – eClinicalMedicine. 2023
  • Kužílek, J.; Zdráhal, Z.; Václavek, J.; Fuglík, V.; Skočilas, J.; Wolff, A. – First-Year Engineering Students’ Strategies for Taking Exams International Journal of Artificial Intelligence in Education – 2023

3. Department of Artificial intelligence (AIF, Josef Urban)

  • Jan Zahálka (et al): Interactive multimodal learning with Exquisitor – influence of interaction strategy & late fusion: IMuR ’22.
  • David Herel, Hugo Cisneros, Tomás Mikolov: Preserving Semantics in Textual Adversarial Attacks. ECAI 2023: 1036-1043
  • Thibault Gauthier, Miroslav Olsák, Josef Urban: Alien coding. Int. J. Approx. Reason. 162: 109009 (2023)
  • Karel Chvalovský, Konstantin Korovin, Jelle Piepenbrock, Josef Urban: Guiding an Instantiation Prover with Graph Neural Networks. LPAR 2023: 112-123

4. Scientific management of platforms (PLAT, TESTBED, RICAIP) Vladimír Kučera)

  • Vladimír Kučera: Platforms – Introduction
  • Pavel Burget: Overview of department results
  • Tomáš Jochman, Václav Kubáček, Václav Voltr, Ondřej Švec, Oliver Janoušek, Pavel Burgeta, Václav Hlaváč. Robotic Multi-Axis Additive Manufacturing: Precision and Geometry Complexity at Limits. Odesláno do časopisu Journal of Additive Manufacturing.
  • Tilman Becker: RICAIP – Research result will be determine

5. Industrial informatics (IID, Zdeněk Hanzálek)

  • Zdeněk Hanzálek: Overview of department results
  • Josef Grus, Zdenek Hanzalek: Automatic Placer for Analog Circuits – Application Result
  • Michal Bouška, Přemysl Šůcha, Antonín Novák, Zdeněk Hanzálek:
    Deep learning-driven scheduling algorithm for a single machine problem minimizing the total tardiness, European Journal of Operational Research,
  • Lukás Chrpa, Carmine Dodaro, Marco Maratea, Marco Mochi, Mauro Vallati: Comparing Planning Domain Models Using Answer Set Programming, JELIA 2023: Logics in Artificial Intelligence,
  • Mohammad Rohaninejad, Behdin Vahedi-Nouri, Zdeněk Hanzálek, Reza Tavakkoli-Moghaddam: An integrated lot-sizing and scheduling problem in a reconfigurable manufacturing system under workforce constraints,   International Journal of Production Research,

6. Robotics and machine perception (RMP, Václav Hlaváč)

  • Václav Hlaváč: RMP Department Introduction
  • Sarah Carmesin, David Woller, David Barker, Miroslav Kulich, Masoumeh Mansouri: The Hamiltonian Cycle and Travelling Salesperson problems with traversal-dependent edge deletion, in: Journal of Computational Science, Vol 74, Dec. 2023 (Link)
  • Karel Košnar, Gael Ecorchard, Jiří Dolejš, Libor Přeučil, Vladimír Smutný, Pavel Krsek, Libor Wagner, Václav Hlaváč, et. al.: Functional sample/industrial solution: Robotic System for Automated Masonry, end users: Wienerberger A.G. and KM Robotics) Link to reference (in Czech), Link to promo video
  • Y Labbé, L Manuelli, A Mousavian, S Tyree, S Birchfield, J Tremblay, J Carpentier, M Aubry, D Fox, J Sivic, MegaPose: 6D Pose Estimation of Novel Objects via Render & Compare, Conference on Robot Learning (CoRL) (2022), BOP Challenge Award at ICCV 2023.
  • Antonin Vobecky, D Hurych, O Siméoni, S Gydaris, A Bursuc, P Pérez, J Sivic, Drive&Segment: Unsupervised Semantic Segmentation of Urban Scenes via Cross-modal Distillation, European Conference on Computer Vision (ECCV) (2022).

7. Industrial production and automation (IPA, Michael Valášek)

  • Petr Kolář: IPA Department introduction
  • Silm, H., Kuře, M., Bušek, J., Michiels, W., & Vyhlídal, T. (2023). Spectral Design and Experimental Validation of Noncollocated Vibration Suppression by a Delayed Resonator and Time-Delay Controller. IEEE Transactions on Control Systems Technology.
  • Sova, J., Kolar, P., David Burian, and Petr Vozabal. (2023). Remaining Useful Life Estimation of Spindle Bearing Based on Bearing Load Calculation and Off-Line Condition Monitoring. Machines 11, no. 6: 586.
  • Koubek J., Kolář, P., Trousil, Š. 2023. (2022) Robot tool path generation with respect to the workpiece and workstation deformations. Applied research result type: Proven technology. National Centre of Competence Cybernetics and Artificicial Intellinge. No. TN01000024/22-V001
  • Kolář, P., Švéda J., Zeman, P. A brief overview of key technologies and equipment in the lower testbed of CIIRC

8. Intelligent systems (INTSYS, Vladimír Mařík)

  • Šedivý, J.: Increasing Productivity: Unveiling the Practical Applications with LLMs
  • Novák, P. et al: Virtual Operator of the Vibro-Barrels – cooperation with LEGO
  • Kadera, P. et al: Second-Life Batteries – IPCEI Research Project with ZŤS
  • Mamula O., Šůcha P., Hrycej D.: Control Algorithms for the Provision of Ancillary Services by a Hybrid Power Plant
  • Korinek: New multiphysics codes for district heating  nuclear reactor, the Teplator case.

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