Five CTU scientists including Jan Šedivý from CIIRC CTU will present at the AI Science Café Series organized by the Czech Centre in London


The Czech Centre in London is organizing the AI Science Café Series, which will host researchers Michal Pěchouček, Tomáš Krajník and Michal Čáp from the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Jan Šedivý from CIIRC and former CTU visiting professor Jonathan Ledgard. The series of discussion evenings with leading experts aims to reveal trends and probable development of artificial intelligence, which will bring about significant social and technological changes in the future. Two of the five popularization debates will be held at The Royal Institution, the rest at the Czech Centre. The audience can look forward to the topics of cyber security, industry, transport and other areas that will inevitably be hit by artificial intelligence. Reservations are done through the Czech Centres website where you can also find annotations of all the AI Science Café Series lectures.

The closest event will take place on January 29 at the Royal Institution (21 Albemarle St, Mayfair, London, W1S 4BS) and will be addressed by Michal Pěchouček, Head of the Artificial Intelligence Center FEE CTU. In a discussion with Michael Luck, a recognized computer science professor at King’s College London, he will present the security risks of the future and how to best protect yourself in the online world.

Intelligent speakers have been one of the rapidly evolving areas in AI. Jan Šedivý will describe the Alquist social chatbot designed by the Czech Technical University team of students under his leadership in his talk on March 25. Jan will briefly review the competition and its primary motivations. But his main focus will be on the Alquist team’s expertise, which embraces several disciplines, such as Conversational AI, Dialogue Management, Linguistics, Audio design, Creative writing, and many more. Jan will also explain the development of the dialogues for favourite conversational topics. Finally he will discuss the plans of how to turn Alquist into a product.

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29 January 2020, 7pm
Personal security in the age of AI
Michal Pěchouček (Artificial Intelligence Center FEE CTU)

26 February 2020, 7 pm
Mobility – is autonomous driving an answer to reducing traffic congestion in our cities?
Michal Čáp (Artificial Intelligence Center FEE CTU)

25 March 2020, 7 pm
Conversational AI
Jan Šedivý (CIIRC CTU)

29 April 2020
Chronorobotics – enabling robots to adapt to changing environments
Tomáš Krajník (Artificial Intelligence Center FEE CTU)

20 May 2020
Species survival – how AI solutions can save wildlife in Africa and beyond
Jonathan Ledgard (former visiting professor, Artificial Intelligence Center FEE CTU)