Ph.D. Study Programs at CIIRC


The Czech Institute of Informatics, Robotics and Cybernetics (CIIRC) has become a Training Department of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering of CTU (FEL CTU), providing cutting-edge education and research opportunities in the field of informatics, robotics, cybernetics and bioengineering.

Head of the Training Department
The head of the Training Department is doc. Ing. Tomáš Pajdla, Ph.D. (, who is available for all academic questions and consultations.

Contact person
For administrative and organizational matters, please contact Ing. Marcela Kvasničková (, who will be happy to provide you with the necessary information and support.

Ph.D. Studies at CIIRC

1. P0613D140022 Informatika / P0613D140023 Computer Science
This program introduces students to the latest advances in artificial intelligence, computer vision, information security, and other key topics in computer science. Students are offered the opportunity to become professional researchers under the guidance of top researchers.

2. P0714D150003 Kybernetika a Robotika / P0714D150004 Cybernetics and Robotics
The programme is dedicated to the study and research in the field of cybernetics and robotics, covering both theoretical foundations and practical applications in industry. Students will have the opportunity to work on projects that contribute to the development of autonomous systems, robotics and intelligent control systems.

3. P0688D060001 Bioinženýrství / P0688D060002 Bioengineering
The programme focuses on the application of engineering principles in the biological and medical sciences. Students will explore areas such as biomaterials, biomechanics and bioinformatics, with the aim of contributing to innovation in health and biotechnology.

Ph.D. study at the CIIRC provides excellent opportunities for students who want to achieve excellence in education and research results in their fields. With the support of experienced academic staff and a modern research environment, the CIIRC offers ideal conditions for the development of a scientific career.

For more information and to apply for Ph.D. programmes, please do not hesitate to contact the Head of Training or the Administrative Contact or visit this page

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