Škoda Auto CEO Bernhard Maier visited CIIRC


On 10th April 2019 the  Škoda Auto CEO Mr. Bernhard Maier visited CIIRC.  Škoda Auto has a long-time cooperation with CIIRC in its joint laboratories and collaborative projects as well as the main partner of National Centre for Industry 4.0.

Bernhard Maier discussed with the CIIRC scientific director prof. Vladimír Mařík current and future cooperation and then visited several scientific departments and laboratories. In Testbed for Industry 4.0 he shook his hand with a robotic hand at its Czech premiere only one week after Hanover Messe. Then he visited prof. Hanzálek´s laboratory which is concerned with autonomous cars and finally,  Mr. Maier was shown the laboratory of Dr.Přeučil, which also deals with Škoda Auto projects focusing on intelligent and mobile robotics.