FlipFlop + Peer Improvement, Creativity, Algorithms’ Visualization


Datum / čas
Date(s) - 16.05.
11:00 - 12:30

Místo konání
CTU CIIRC - building B, room 201


by professor Jan Štelovský from University of Hawaii at Manoa

With ‚Flip-Flop‘ Learning by Teaching methodology and tools, students create quizzes synchronized with video (MOOCs, screencasts, lecture recordings, TED talks), take peers‘ quizzes, and peer-evaluate their quizzes. They get deeply involved in the subject material because to make a quiz they have to come up with questions, answers, as well as feedbacks indicating why an answer is right or wrong. They can add hints and hint links which requires them to search for related online resources.
Using the ‚Peer-Improvement‘ methodology, they can suggest improvements to all components of the quiz they just took. Instructors can use the data not just for grading but also in future tests and lectures.
Flip-Flop is subject- and grade-independent and free (for unis, public schools, non-profits). In a previous semester, students in CS ‚Algorithms‘ course created over 5,000 mostly high quality Q&A tasks.
The subsequent discussion will address the questions whether the common way to perform tests is adequate, how to improve it, and how to change the students‘ mostly negative attitudes about tests. Time permitting, we will show visualizations of algorithms and/or an approach to foster creative thinking in education.