Scheduling Seminar: Synchronous flow shop scheduling problems


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Date(s) - 23.11.
15:00 - 17:00

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Sigrid Knust (University of Osnabrück)

Synchronous flow shop scheduling problems


November 23, 2022 at 15 CET

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The abstract:
A synchronous flow shop is a variant of a non-preemptive permutation flow shop where transfers of jobs from one machine to the next take place at the same time. The processing is organized in synchronized cycles which means that in a cycle all current jobs start at the same time on the corresponding machines. Then all jobs are processed and have to wait until the last one is finished. Afterwards, all jobs are moved to the next machine simultaneously. As a consequence, the processing time of a cycle is determined by the maximum processing time of the operations contained in it. Furthermore, only permutation schedules are feasible, i.e., the jobs have to be processed in the same order on all machines. The goal is to find a permutation of the jobs such that the makespan is minimized. Motivated by a practical application in production planning at a company assembling shelf boards for kitchen elements, we investigate different aspects of synchronous flow shop problems. Especially, we consider the situation of dominating machines, additional resources, setup times and leaving machines idle.

Sigrid Knust  is a professor of Computer Science at the University of Osnabrück, heading the group of Combinatorial Optimization. She has graduated in Mathematics (diploma 1996, PhD 1999, both U. Osnabrück). Former affiliations include the software company sd&m and Clausthal University of Technology, Germany. Her research interests are in combinatorial optimization, especially scheduling, timetabling and practical applications.


The seminar is organized by Zdeněk Hanzálek (CIIRC CTU in Prague), Michael Pinedo (New York University) and Guohua Wan (Shanghai Jiao Tong).

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