Could pupil size be a biomarker for memory processing?


Jaromír Doležal from CIIRC, in collaboration with Mayo Clinic (USA), was involved in a new research that shows that pupils‘ reactions can predict successful memory remembrance of humans. Regarding the words that people remembered, the relative size of the pupil before and after the stimulus was smaller. On the contrary the pupil was larger with the words that were forgotten. This result suggests that pupil responses can be an indicator of the underlying brain processes associated with remembering and recalling of memory. If this link is confirmed it would mean that pupillometry could be used not only in research but also in clinical conditions instead of the invasive or costly brain imaging techniques that are commonly used as a probe for memory processing. To measure the pupil size, a device developed at CTU in Prague was used in cooperation with Medicton Group s.r.o. and Eyedea recognition s.r.o.

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Source: European Scientist