Construction 4.0


Project name: Construction 4.0 – Innovative Technologies, Automation, and Robotization of Construction Production
Acronym: Construction 4.0
ID code: DOT/53/03/001965/2022
Supported by: Capital City of Prague under the ESIF (ERDF) – OP RDE
Programme: Assistance vouchers of the City of Prague
Project duration: 01/2022 – 05/2022
Budget: CZK 549 400
Main investigator: Michal Mára


Construction 4.0. introduces and optimizes the synergy of digitalization, automation and sustainable environmental behavior into construction practice. It is a completely new way of thinking, planning, implementing and maintaining buildings, throughout their entire life cycle. It maps and minimises the impact of construction on the external environment and the footprint that these activities leave permanently in the surrounding nature. Currently, two directions have been defined in which Construction 4.0 can be activated and applied in the Czech Republic. A necessary condition is the combination of both schools of thought.

The direction generally called GREEN includes measures that ensure the sustainability of the development of the whole society. It deals with the minimisation of waste generation, recycling of building materials, accepts and addresses the issue of water management, minimises the negative impact of construction on air quality and environmental impacts on the surrounding nature, and addresses the issue of energy consumption of buildings in all their life cycles.
The direction collectively referred to as SMART represents the digitalization of all processes (BIM, approval processes, production and construction management processes), model optimization, introduction of robots into construction production, application of AI and IoT elements in construction and operation of buildings, possibility of reapplication of products, optimization of transport.

Project objectives:
The main objectives of the project are to develop advanced technologies for the massive introduction of automation and robotics into construction production. The impacts of introducing such technologies into construction production are across the whole school of issues addressed today, from SMART CITY, carbon footprint, material, time and energy savings to GREEN DEAL.

Project Outputs:
A valid application to the VAVAI public competition has been prepared.

Project Construction 4.0 – innovative technologies, automation, and robotization of construction production (reg. no. DOT/53/03/001965/2022) was supported by a grant from the City of Prague and EU financial support from the ESIF (ERDF) – OP RDE.