VII. BEAT Biomedical engineering and assistive technology

Head of the department
Name: Olga Štěpánková
Phone: +(420) 224 357 233
Email: olga.stepankova(at)

List of BEAT department people

New medical devices and methods for analysis of biochemical samples, mass availability of mobile technologies, wirelessly communicating miniature sensors and nanomaterials offer unprecedented opportunities for acquiring, capturing and storing data characterizing current state of a human. It has been confirmed already that sophisticated interpretation of such streams of data can significantly contribute to the objectification of diagnosis in many medical areas (e.g. cardiology, obstetrics and ophthalmology), further it can serve as an inspiration for the design and development of new tools, equipment or methods that pave the way for unprecedented tele-medical applications and true personalized care. Close interdisciplinary cooperation is necessary to achieve results applicable in medical practice. It is necessary to build on knowledge from many diverse areas including electronics, signal processing, software engineering, AI, data mining, data security and relevant medical fields. The corresponding experts will join their forces in the BEAT program aiming for advance in five complementary and promising research domains that offer ground for sharing of their experiences and re-use of obtained results.

BEAT department divides into five groups:

  1. RMC Representation and modeling of cardiology data (lead by Václav Chudáček);
  2. AAL Advanced ICT for medical diagnostics and rehabilitation (lead by Daniel Novák);
  3. SBP Artificial intelligence tools for the analysis and modeling of biochemical and physiological data (lead by Olga Štěpánková);
  4. IIT IT solutions for telemedicine (lead by Michal Huptych);
  5. PHS Personal health systems (lead by Karel Hána).

Responsible: Olga Štěpánková