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CSP - Center for computational intelligence and signal processing

Research interests of the CSP center are devoted to methodology, applications and general methods of digital signal and image processing in biomedical and engineering applications. It brings together researchers with the interdisciplinary approach to multichannel and multidimensional data processing oriented towards the use of similar mathematical methods in different areas. Theoretical topics studied within this multidisciplinary platform include functional transforms for data analysis, wavelet transforms and coherence methods, digital filters for rejection of undesirable signal components, segmentation and classification methods, image registration, computational intelligence and geometrical methods for the three-dimensional modelling.

Head of the platform

Name: Aleš Procházka
Phone: +(420) 220 444 198
Email: ales.prochazka(at)ciirc.cvut.cz

Applications include:

  • analysis of brain activities and EEG signal processing,
  • polysomnography and breathing analysis,
  • EMG signal processing and classification of muscle disorders,
  • spatial modelling in gait and movement analysis,
  • segmentation and digital modelling in orthodontia,
  • GPS data processing in sport activities,
  • general computational intelligence methods.

Close collaboration with further research institutes, scientific societies and prestigious universities in the world allows detail coordination of research activities, PhD projects and joint courses. The interdisciplinary approach to these topics assumes also a very close collaboration with specialized research centers including the Department of Neurology of the Faculty of Medicine in Hradec Kralove. Results include statistical evaluation and verification of proposed methods for selected data sets in most cases. The general platform of digital signal processing methods will include further extensive interdisciplinary collaboration and applications of selected methods in biomedicine, neurology, robotics, diagnostics, human-man interaction and assistive technologies in the future as well.