European Commission representatives discussed cooperation of academic and business sector at CIIRC CTU


Topics such as state policy to support R&D in academia and businesses, cooperation of academia and private sector in research and innovation, automation, robotization, AI and potential impact of automation and AI on domestic economy was discussed by the representatives of the European Commission at CIIRC CTU during working dinner that took place at the representative premises of the institute overviewing the Prague Castle on November 14.

Informal meeting was a part of so called 2020 European Semester for the Czech Republic. EU Semester enables the EU member countries to coordinate their economic policies throughout the year and address the economic challenges facing the EU. „It’s a pleasure for me that CIIRC is one of the institutions to participate in this important dialogue and moreover that we can facilitate discussion among EC and representatives of the industry. As the industry brings in several key aspects,“ explains CIIRC CTU Scientific Director prof. Vladimír Mařík.

CIIRC CTU was represented by Vladimir Mařík and other important researchers Václav Hlaváč, Lenka Lhotská, Josef Šivic and Tomáš Pajdla. Industry was represented by the National Centre for Industry 4.0 Board Members – Skoda Auto: Jana Polášek Filová, Stanislav Schneidr and ABRA Software – Petr Vojta.

EU Commission was represented by deputies of  Secretariat-General, DG ECFIN, DG GROW, DG EMPL, DG RTD, DG REGIO, Permanent representation EC.