CIIRC RP95 FAQs for Industry

FAQs for industrial companies that would like to join the supply chain for injection molding production:

  • How can manufacturing companies be involved?

At the moment, a functional prototype of CIIRC RP95-3D is ready for 3D printing production. It will then be possible to transmit production data and start production by 3D printing on available MJF machines anywhere in the world.

Our researchers are now working on adjusting the prototype so that it can be produced also via plastic injection molding which is more suitable for mass production. We will launch the prototype under the name „CIIRC RP95-M“.

After testing the prototype production, which is in progress in these days, we will provide further information on how other companies that have plastic injection molding machines can participate. We expect to collaborate with companies and suppliers coming both from the Czech Republic and abroad.

Applicants can apply via We will register your offer of capacities and we will contact you once everything is ready.

Please note that the traffic at this email address has increased extremely in last days. It might happen that you will not get our response shortly, but be sure we will register your interest and get in touch with you as soon as the injection molding prototype is ready for production.

Information for manufacturers in the Czech Republic: We have received a number of serious offers for cooperation in production in recent days. We are very happy for this. Therefore, the number of injection molding machines to meet the required production capacity (which is 10 000 pieces per day) has been reached. If we need to increase it, we will inform you via this website. Thank you for your understanding.

For clarification: The possibility of production by thermoforming by vacuum molding will not be suitable especially with regard to the necessity of threading.