AICZECHIA – Weakly-supervised learning for autonomous driving – Lukáš Neumann


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Date(s) - 16.04.


Dear colleagues,

It is my pleasure to invite you to the next AICZECHIA seminar, which will be held online on Tuesday, 16.4. 2024 at 17:00. The speaker will be Lukáš Neumann, who will talk about his work on weakly-supervised learning. The title and abstract are below. The talk will be accessible to non-specialists, so it should be a great opportunity to learn about this area.

The talk will be held online (Zoom link below) and the planned format is a 30 min talk followed by a 30 min open discussion session. The talk is open to the public so please distribute the announcement to your teams.

Looking forward to seeing you online on 16.4. at 17:00.

Thank you.


Josef Sivic

Zoom link:

Speaker: Lukáš Neumann

Affiliation: Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Czech Technical University

Title: Weakly-supervised learning for autonomous driving

One of the limitations that currently hinders exploitation of computer vision methods in real-world scenarios is the scarcity of labelled training data, owing to the fact that human labelling is very time-consuming and therefore costly. On the other hand, vast amounts of data are readily available, because capturing and storing sensor data is relatively cheap; the data are just not annotated and therefore useless for traditional fully-supervised methods. In this talk, we will present several methods which do not require domain-specific human labels in their training, but instead they use off-the-shelf generic models and large quantities of unlabelled data to achieve accuracy comparable to methods using human labels.

Lukáš obtained his PhD in artificial intelligence from the Faculty of Electrical Engineering at the Czech Technical University. He then continued working in the field as a member of the VGG group at the University of Oxford. After returning to FEE CTU, he is starting his own research group, thanks to a JUNIOR STAR grant. In his scientific career, he received several prestigious awards including the Czech Head (Ceska Hlava) award.

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