Researcher's night: join us online!


Welcome to CIIRC CTU – Researchers‘ Night. Usually we would welcome you at our premises in person, however, we are happy to provide you with a sneak peak through our videos and virtual tour.

Testbed for Industry 4.0 – Virtual Tour

(to start tour, click into the picture)

First, your can virtually look into the Testebed for Industry 4.0 which is situated in Prague, Dejvice at CIIRC CTU building and it occupies two floors.

It is an experimental workplace simulating the real confitions for manufacturing and it is a part of Czech-German centre of excellence RICAIP.

RICAIP – vision for factories of the future

Testbed for Industry 4.0

Winning model of F1/10 autonomous formula

and some more… cars & kids and video from copetition at Columbia Uni, NY – we were 3rd!

Alquist AI

Alquist is a chatbot developed at CIIRC CTU. Social bot was a winner of international Amazon Alexa Prize competition in the past years

Order your coffee with your voice from robotic barista

Interactive movie – The Story of Alquist (start with clicking into the picture)

Humanoid Robot Pepper

Pepper can talk with you, play games or dance. He speaks English and Czech and is a companion to seniors at Život 90!

More VIDEOs with Pepper

Robot NAO dances Macarena


NAO was a part of Goethe-Institut Programme

Pipetting robotic station for testing on covid-19

Robotic manipulator is learning to use tools by watching Youtube videos

Intelligent Mobile Robotics

Join us at Robotic Conference IROS 2021

Teach-and-repeat outdoor

Aplikace bin-picking – soft

Industrial Informatics – Robotic Optimization