Seznam členů CMP z CIIRC

Members of the CIIRC department/groups RMP/AAG and RMP/ROP become members of CMP automatically. We provide names of employees and Ph.D. students. Other students collaboarating with CIIRC/CMP from the list are CIIRC members as well. These are students contributing to research and development activities leading to bachelor, master theses or student research assistents.

The tool for automatic CIIRC/CMP members list is in prepration. Václav Hlaváč has crated the list manually transitorily.

Center for Machine Perception members from CIIRC
State as Jan 1, 2018

No. Surname Given name Group
1 Albl Čeněk AAG
2 Cimpoi Mircea AAG
3 Cvrček Vojtěch ROP
4 Hlaváč Václav ROP
5 Holešovský Ondřej ROP
6 Krsek Pavel ROP
7 Kubelka Vladimír ROP
8 Magerand Ludovic AAG
9 Matoušek Martin ROP
10 Navara Mirko ROP
11 Pajdla Tomáš ROP
12 Pecka Martin ROP
13 Petrík Vladimír ROP
14 Sedlář Jiří AAG
15 Seifert Daniel ROP
16 Sejkot Roman ROP
17 Smutný Vladimír ROP
18 Stria Jan ROP
19 Šejnová Gabriela ROP
20 Šivic Josef AAG
21 Škoviera Radoslav ROP
22 Škovierová Júlia ROP
23 Štěpánová Karla ROP
24 Tesař Michael ROP
25 Uller Miroslav ROP
26 Vavrečka Michal ROP
27 Wagner Libor ROP
28 Žufníčková Petra ROP