A big step towards data sovereignty and security: NCI 4.0 joined Gaia-X


The National Centre for Industry 4.0 (NCI 4.0) has been approved as the new and first Czech member of the Gaia-X Association. Gaia-X represents the next generation of data infrastructure: an open, transparent, and secure digital ecosystem, where data and services can be made available, collated, and shared in an environment of trust. With NCI 4.0 joining the ecosystem, the Czech companies will get access to the services of Gaia-X and benefit from all respective synergies, as the implementation of technologies of Industry 4.0 is fully dependent on data.

The goals of the NCI 4.0 membership are to use the already existing Czech ecosystem for Industry 4.0 and its expertise and provide solutions based on Gaia-X principles for the Czech industry, which is currently undergoing a large transformation.

Matters of data security and sovereignty stipulate a crucial prerequisite for the successful implementation of AI applications, EDGE computing, big data, augmented/virtual reality, digital twin, and other Industry 4.0 technologies. NCI 4.0 shall become a Czech contact point and mediate participation of relevant Czech expert bodies in working groups within Gaia-X.

Jaroslav Lískovec, director of NCI 4.0, comments on the benefits of the partnership: “Through Gaia-X the partners of NCI 4.0 can learn about current options of the data infrastructure ecosystem based on the values of openness, transparency, sovereignty, and interoperability, to enable trust. It can boost new business models and assist with digital transformation, especially to SMEs.”

NCI 4.0 coordinated the Czech Technical University proposal for a European Digital Innovation Hub and is participating at major European academic-industrial projects such as EIT Manufacturing. Becoming a first Czech member of the European Gaia-X platform is another example of successful work of the centre on the European level in order to support Czech industry, its technological transformation and competitiveness.

Dr. Vassilia Orfanou, CMO of Gaia-X stated: “We are very happy that Gaia-X is showing such an unprecedented growth. Since our inception, we are now counting more than 340 members from Europe and beyond. NCI 4.0 is welcomed to the team and really hope that their joining will also mean that other Czech members join the ecosystem soon, enabling us to grow our team even further.”

About NCI 4.0:

National Centre for Industry 4.0 (NCI 4.0) is the Czech Republic-based independent technologically neutral academic-industrial platform that connects industry leaders, manufacturing and technological companies, research organizations together with the state and media to create an optimal ecosystem for a sustainable future. www.ncp40.cz

About Gaia-X:

Gaia-X is a wide ecosystem, taking the best of the European, digital landscape to the next most aspiring level.

Gaia-X was established back in June 2021. It is a digital ecosystem self-regulated by its members. The initiative creates an environment, where data can be shared and stored under the control of data owners and users with respected rules that make unprecedented opportunities for innovative, data-driven business models and scalable growth.

Gaia-X is an initiative from the people to the people: bringing together people from different countries, companies, research institutions, associations, administrations, and politics to work together towards a common goal: to co-create the next generation of Digital Europe across dedicated data spaces serving the most critical industries and on the basis of the widest spectrum of expertise.

To learn more about Gaia-X, please click here or visit https://gaia-x.eu/. To join us as a member, click here. Contact us for an interview at press@gaia-x.eu

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