Architect Petr Franta won the prize for the CTU-CIIRC building


In November, at the gala evening at the National Gallery in Prague, the winner of national architectural prize was announced (Grand Prix of Architects 2017).

The award-winning building in the new building category became the Czech Institute of Informatics, Robotics and Cybernetics by Petr Franta. The building was created by the revitalization of the original university canteen. In addition, new extension was built. The building has 10 floors, providing facilities for laboratories, science modules, classrooms, offices and other backgrounds for students and teachers. On the last two floors is the office of the Rector of the University. The house uses a number of the latest technologies, the visually most noticeable is the pneumatic transparent film forming a facade casing. The building is also nominated for the 2017 Czech Architecture Prize.