ManuLearn II

Project name: Learning through manufacturing challenges II
ID code: 21166
Supported by: EIT Manufacturing – European Union
Project duration: 01/2021 – 12/2021
Budget: Total budget: 149.765 €
Budget CTU: 29.000 €
Principal investigator at CIIRC: Dr. Petr Kolář
Coordinator: Laboratory for Manufacturing Systems and Automation, University of Patras
Project Partners: CTU in Prague


ManuLearn II aims at increasing the innovation potential of the participating EIT RIS countries by enhancing the educational framework and boosting digitalization under the concept of Industry 4.0. ManuLearn II is considered an extension of ManuLearn, targeting at increasing the impact across industry and academia through the promotion of gender balance and the enhancement of soft skills.

Jointly created exchange of experience to industrial manufacturing challenges will be implemented by combining Teaching Factory and Learning Factory concepts with other learning practices. The exchange of industrial challenges and the good practice exchange of experience will be performed through a collaborative network across the industrial and academic sectors. Special focus will be given on Teaching Factory events with skilled women from companies to help motivate young people to avoid gender stereotypes.