II. INTSYS: Intelligent systems

Head of the department
Name: Vladimír Mařík
Phone: +(420) 224 354 101
Email: marik(at)ciirc.cvut.cz

List of INTSYS department people.

INTSYS focuses on the application of Artificial Intelligence techniques to make software systems and machines exhibit intelligent behaviour. The techniques involve: distributed multi-agent systems and service-oriented approaches to solve complex problems; knowledge representation and ontology engineering to master the semantic heterogeneity of data; machine learning and computing intelligence for dynamic optimizations; data mining to extract interesting patterns and big data and cloud computing to cope with large volumes of data and large-scale parallel computation. The long term goal of the group is to elaborate new theories of complex systems building upon the current trends in cybernetics, informatics and systems research. The fields of application include smart factories, smart grids, smart cities, advanced systems for education, intelligent transportation systems, smart transportation constructions, and environmental informatics.

INTSYS department divides into nine groups:

  1. ISI Intelligent systems for industry (lead by Petr Kadera);
  2. ITS Intelligent transportation systems (lead by Pavel Hrubeš);
  3. ISC Intelligent systems for design and realization of transport constructions (lead by Jan Valentin);
  4. KSO Knowledge systems and ontologies (lead by Zdeněk Zdráhal);
  5. BDC Big data and cloud computing (lead by Jan Šedivý);
  6. MAL Machine learning (lead by Robert Babuška);
  7. AIF Automatic reasoning and formal methods (lead by Jiří Vyskočil);
  8. COS Complex systems (Leader to be found);
  9. EI Environmental informatics (lead by Emil Pelikán);
  10. KPS Knowledge-based power systems (Leader to be found).

Responsible: Vladimír Mařík