Summer student internship in ROP and Impact groups in 2024

2024-06-14 Václav Hlaváč has stopped attracting new students (maybe temporarily) because our team has run out of financial resources and project topics this year.

We offer students a summer job. Students become student research assistants working on a particular research project. Students are paid by the particular project funds. Each student will have a supervisor. A specific agreement has to be made with her or him.

If you have already cooperated with your supervisor, talk to her/him directly. The others have to pass an entry brief phone interview with Václav Hlaváč. He will help you to find a topic/supervisor suited to your knowledge and interest. Call Václav Hlaváč on his mobile phone number +420 603 149 689. You can call Václav Hlaváč between 7:00 and 20:00, including on weekends. The interview will take place immediately, or you can set the date for the interview. After the interview, you will be asked to send a short biography in English by email to Václav Hlaváč briefly. In the biography, express your professional interests and other achievements that distinguish you from an average student. The administration related to student summer internships is supported by Petra Žufničková.

The usual student summer internship job lasts about six weeks. The job can be divided into several non-consecutive periods. The first two weeks serve to test cooperation. If the student does not like the job or the supervisor is unhappy with the student’s performance, the job can be stopped after two weeks. Students who have not studied at the university yet are initially offered jobs for two weeks. If both sides of the contract, the student and the supervisor, like it, the job can be prolonged.

The pay is counted for 160 hours per month at the following rates (before the tax) in CZK per hour → CZK per month: after A-level from the secondary school 170 → 27,200; after Bc1 190 → 30,400; B2 210 → 33,600; Bc3 220 → 35,200, Mag1 240 → 38,400, Mag2 250→ 40,000, after Mag/Ing graduation 270 → 43,200. The median wage in the Czech Republic was CZK 39,685 Kč in the Q4 of 2023. The student will have a work contract preceded by a medical check required by Czech law.

The publicly available managerial spreadsheet shows the list of student interns. It only indicates names and emails that comply with the personal data protection bylaws. The more detailed spreadsheet, which includes the mobile phones and other information about students who passed the entrance interview, is available to supervisors only due to the need to protect personal data.

The list of topics, brief topic descriptions, and supervisors can be found in a topic-supervisor spreadsheet. After passing the entry phone interview with Václav Hlaváč, the interested students should contact the selected or advised supervisor.

Responsible: Václav Hlaváč