Global Goals Summit 2024 at CIIRC

Foto: Asociace společenské odpovědnosti, Petr Vágner

The second year of the Global Goals Summit 2024 organized by the Association of Social Responsibility and DVTV is behind us. The entire event was also supported by the National Center for Industry 4.0 and RICAIP Testbed Prague. This important event took place on the grounds of our institute in the Respirium area, which was decorated with dozens of colorful umbrellas representing the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

There were 30 speakers who had something to say on the topic of sustainability including – Food waste, Football and Sustainability, Diversity, Equality and Inclusion, Innovation and Technology and Hear our voices. Here it was possible to meet inspiring personalities from business, politics, non-profit and public sectors and learn about innovative approaches, examples of good practice and the experiences of those who change the world for the better and contribute to the fulfillment of the Sustainable Development Goals. Lukáš Hejlík, Tomáš Klus, Barbara Nesvadbová, Tomáš Křivda, Lucie Mádlová, Vojtech Végh, Klára Šimášková Laurenčíková, Hana Kovářová, Robert Kiml, Lucie Štefánková, Nataliya Grimberg, Patrik Le Giang, Viktorie Seifertová, Ondřej Tůma, Blanka Pěkničková, Rudolf Řepka, Gabriela Kabátová, Kateřina Svitková, Soňa Hošek Morawitzová, Michal Prager, Michaela Schejbalová, Mikulař Vymětal, Jitka Poláková, Jaroslav Puška, Jana Šrámková and Jiří Richter.

One of the speakers at the Global Goals Summit 2024 was also Petr Kadera from our institute, head of the intelligent systems for industry team, who in an interview with Robert Kiml, vice president of production at Toyota, spoke on the topic of Innovation and technology, #ESG sustainability in the automotive industry and possibilities of Industry 4.0. Petr Kadera also touched on topics such as cooperation between industry and universities, the use of AI and modern technologies for our better future. Among other things, Petr Kadera talked about the topic of #retrofitting and gave the example of batteries from electric cars: „Thanks to AI, we can disassemble the product at the end of its useful life and continue to use it. Instead of mass production of new products, we can use the original product to the maximum and create a new product.“ In the discussion, Petr Kadera also touched on the topic of the number of women in technical fields: „The natural trends that I observe in the number of women are gradually changing, and women are also gradually increasing in technical professions.“ Another topic of conversation was how artificial intelligence helps industry or what opportunities they see in hydrogen as a fuel. „Artificial intelligence is perhaps the way to help us make the right decisions and manage. Do we have different sources of energy, how to arrange this whole system? We need to orchestrate a complex system, even there artificial intelligence can help, because so far we are not very good at it with known methods,“ said Petr Kadera. The entire debate between Petr Kadera and Robert Kiml was moderated by Daniela Brzobohatá from DVTV.

The entire Global Goals Summit was carried out in the spirit of sustainability, and the Analysis of the Czech Industry 2024, which was recently prepared and published by the National Center for Industry 4.0 and can be read HERE, was devoted to this very topic. At the end of the summit, it was possible to visit the RICAIP Testbed area and see other areas of our institute.

If you are interested in the entire event of the Global Goals Summit 2024, you can watch its progress in the video below. Peter Kadera in time 1:17:30.


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